Dev Blog 2

Back again with another update. This time, work has been done in preparation for the early access release. That reminds me, I am proud to announce that Recession will release on July 11th, 2017 on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac. Thank you to everyone who has supported the game during it’s pre-alpha and alpha stage. The alpha will continue to run until the game’s release. When it is released, all alpha keys will be de-activated.

Now on to what has changed since last time.

Character customization has been added:

And a nice MVP screen at the end of each game to showcase who had the best score:

The scoring system has been re-worked so that friendly fire will remove score and kills from your tally. Also, every time you collect a moneybag you get 200 points as apposed to 100 for a kill.

This was a short blog post, but rest-assured! I will be posting more frequently once the game has released and is in full swing.

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